Fighting Cancer book signing meets Biofeedback BCIA Certification Training

Posted in News, NetCasts by biofeedbackresources on January 19th, 2012


On June 28, 2011 I went to the Westchester Airport to meet Erik Peper, Ph.D. We went straight to the Barnes and Noble Store on Central Avenue in Yonkers, Ny. He was scheduled to do a book signing for his new book that he authored along with Robert Gorter, MD, Ph.D. The title of the book is "Fighting Cancer, A Nontoxic Approach to Treatment". In this book many effective non-traditional cancer treatments are discussed. Traditional cancer treatments can often be ineffective and very unpleasant. I believe that we should be open to the other therapies that are available so that people can decide on how they will battle cancer if they find themselves in the position of dealing with it. There are also many things that can be done to reduce the likelihood of getting cancer in the first place.

Although this is not a biofeedback book it does teach many techniques that can be assisted by biofeedback like diaphragmatic breathing and muscle relaxation. This book is for all healthcare professionals as well as people who do not work in healthcare. No matter what you do for a living, you probably know someone who has been affected by cancer. You should read this book and give a copy to someone you care about.

I have been blessed to know Erik Peper for many years. He is a great asset to Biofeedback Resources International as part of our Health Training Seminars faculty. I hope to have him teach some workshops with us covering some of the material in this book.

The day after the book signing Erik began teaching a 5-Day BCIA Biofeedback Certification seminar for us. The class included healthcare professionals from various parts of the country. It was a great session.

Erik Peper will be teaching another BCIA Biofeedback Workshop for us this summer.  Visit our website: for details.