Black History in Biofeedback

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Dr. Eugene Peniston was an African-American man with a Cherokee grandmother.

Dr. Eugene Peniston developed extremely effective neurofeedback protocols for helping individuals with alcoholism, substance abuse, and PTSD symptoms.   Neurofeedback uses computer interfaced instruments for measuring and giving visual and auditory feedback on electrical activity produced in the brain.  The feedback helps to reinforce positive changes in brain activity which can reduce symptoms.  Dr. Peniston developed the protocols at a Veterans Administration Medical Center in Colorado with assistance from Dr. Paul Kulkosky .  They performed research using the protocols with veterans and published the results in a number of studies. 

Dr. Eugene Peniston moved to Bonham, TX and became Chief of Psychology at the Samuel Rayburn Memorial Veterans Administration Medical Center.

Dr. Peniston made the keynote address to the 29th annual meeting of the Association for Applied Psychophysiology and Biofeedback (AAPB) in Orlando Florida.

Although Dr. Peniston has passed away several years ago, many neurofeedback practitioners continue to use the protocols to successfully help many people suffering from these conditions.  With the return of many war veterans suffering with PTSD, insomnia, Traumatic Brain Injury, anxiety, headaches, and substance abuse, protocols like the ones developed by Dr. Peniston will continue to have a positive effect for generations to come.

I had the honor of being introduced to Dr. Peniston by Adam Crane at an AAPB conference many years ago.  I had heard a lot about his work before meeting him.  As a young man at the time it was very encouraging for me to meet such an accomplished biofeedback professional and to find that he looked like me. 

I would like to honor the memory of Dr. Eugene Peniston during this Black History Month 2012 for developing his protocols that continues to help veterans and non-veterans who suffer with substance abuse, alcoholism, and PTSD.

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