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HTS* instructors are among the most experienced and successful instructor / practitioners in biofeedback. Likewise, many of the professionals we have trained over the past thirty four years are today among the most successful biofeedback practitioners, nationally as well as internationally. Our FREE TRAINING and FREE ONLINE TRAINING programs are unmatched in biofeedback.

Health Training Seminars is approved by the American Psychological Association to offer continuing education for psychologists. Health Training Seminars maintains responsibility for the program.

In terms of quality, cost effectiveness, service and innovation, our unique team delivers unsurpassed value in biofeedback training and equipment.

Discover on our website the training, equipment, supplies, accessories, technical support and background information you need. New to biofeedback? Use our guided approach to getting started in the most time and cost efficient way possible. We urge you to PLAN YOUR TRAINING NOW. See schedule for training dates or call Health Training Seminars at 1-877-669-6463.